Growing the Farm:  from the beginning


Nothing says work like the farm! Especially when you purchase an old run down farm. Of course, the first order of business was to tear out the broken oil furnace and get some heat in the house. From there we began fixing up the house and working on the garden. Then we had the crazy idea to dot the hillside with lavender. So here we are working to restore the farm. Watch our progress; from run-down beginnings to a rustic renewal.


The Barn

Challenge: Restoring a barn can be extremely costly. Many run down barns in Wisconsin end up being scrapped–stripped of their precious barnwood and replaced with a pole shed. If it weren’t for the recently replaced roof, this barn would be worse for wear. Thankfully her timber frame structure is solid!

Project Farmstay

Challenge: When you have a vision of something it’s easy to see beyond the beat up boards, wavy floors, and general state of disrepair. I’d like to think that one day it will be a home away from home for our guests–simple, rustic and cozy.

Project Garden

Challenge: Fresh fruit and veggies, anyone? Originally this “garden” began as a fenced-in plot of four-foot tall weeds, shrubs and small trees. It took a few weeks to remove it all and hack out the roots. Designed with the kids in mind, we included a gravel track, stepping stones around a strawberry patch, and a sandpit. And no garden would be complete without a place to sit and relax! A swinging bench was added in the second year; crafted by our very own handyman Jones.

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