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Our Story

About five years ago we decided, as a couple, to do our kids a favor by wrenching them away from the prevailing entitlement mentality swirling around them in the city. So, as modern day pioneers, we headed northward to rural Wisconsin. We found ourselves buying a rundown farm (brimming with potential!) in a small valley just below the beautiful Baraboo bluffs.

We hope to create something magnificent out of this “diamond in the rough”, and teach our kids the value and satisfaction of work in the process. It has literally taken blood, sweat, and tears to get us to this point, and yet there is still so much we’d like to do.

Why Lavender? Because we love it! It adorns the hillside with mesmerizing beauty…exhilarating the senses. It represents the antithesis of a toxic world.

Our challenge is living in the here and now, enjoying all that this incredible world has to offer, rather than getting swept up by insignificant texts, tweets, twits, and potential-wasting virtual reality and parallel universes. We don’t pretend to be completely disconnected from the technologies of our day. We seek moderation in all things, by striking a healthy balance between living experiences and modern technology. And that is why we are here, at home, in rural Wisconsin.

We offer you the opportunity to be ‘present’ in life and experience the education, innovation, and industry of being on and supporting a small farm!

Aloha Nui,

The Jones Ohana


Our Promise to You

Our standards are reflected in our seal of Aloha Sustained Agriculture, from the way we nourish the plants and the land to the way we treat our family and customers.

Organic, Wildcrafted, Unsprayed Ingredients

Natural botanical ingredients including lavender harvested fresh from our farm.

High Quality Ingredients

Knowledge is power. The ingredients we use in our products are tested for purity and quality. We avoid using endocrine disrupting ingredients which means NO pthalates, NO parabens, NO pesticides and NO artificial fragrances–Yuck!


We create our product in small batches which means nothing stays on the shelves for long, super fresh!

Aloha Made

The little bit of extra that goes into every bottle and every experience here on the farm–Aloha.

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E13901 County Rd. W, Baraboo, WI 53913

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(608) 844-9635

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