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Posted Reverie

by the 'Farmer Type' Joneses

On Lavender

Adventures in lavender. Explore the benefits of growing purple!


The ultimate detox experience…COMING SOON!

On the Farm

Experience Rowley Creek Farm. Click here to see our upcoming classes and events.

Farm Animals

Strictly Lavender

Sweet Baby lavender!

It has been said that winter in Wisconsin doesn't really end until early April. That may be true. Weeks of cold grey sky and muddy sheets of snow slush gives new meaning to the doldrums of Wisconsin. There comes a point in time when I think everyone has had enough of...

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Gardening Tidbits

For the Bees


Suit up!
It’s time to check the hives.
Clean up and get out quick.

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“Today, less than 1% of our nation’s consumers live on farms with many being four to five generations removed from even knowing someone who farmed. We are raising children who do not know how an apple grows on a tree or how a gallon of milk makes its way into the grocery store cooler.” –Wisconsin Agricultural Tourism Association

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